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Q: Will a reward be offered to those who help the owner recover their lost belongings?
A: Yes, each person that helps in the recovery of a lost belonging will receive a free (1) year subscription to Found It.

Q: Can the person who lost a belonging offer a reward?
A: Yes, each subscription holder can offer a reward at their discretion, independent of Found It. And they can communicate the reward to the finder via the Found It system. 

Q: What happens if I don’t renew my found it subscription and I lose something with a sticker on it?
A: You will be contacted informing you that someone has recovered your belonging and as soon as you renew the subscription the information regarding your lost possession will be passed along.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of things I can put my found it code on
A: No, you own the number and could put it on as many items as you wish

Q: Can I print my own labels?
A: Yes, you can print your own labels or even write it on your belongings. You can visit for common label templates

Q: What happens if I lose something in a different state or country?
A: You can arrange recovery on your own OR you can have found it arrange shipping to get your item back to you for only the cost of actual shipping

Q: How will I be contacted if I lose something?
A: You will be contacted via the found it website and receive notification by the method you designated when you originally created your account.

Q: Is found it guaranteed to recover my lost belongings?
A: Unfortunately not, found it relies on honest people to help you recover your lost belongings.

Q: If I lost my cell phone how can someone send me a text or email?
A: When you register we suggest listing at least 2 numbers and an email for specifically this event. Found It, will send notes to all numbers and email addresses listed.




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